Learn about the features of the Markaaz Directory.

What is the Directory?

The Markaaz Directory is a database of 300+ million businesses - and growing. Each business profile contains contact information, business attributes, and business health metrics.

This business information is designed to make qualifying customers, partners, and suppliers easier. You can access the Directory from the Dashboard by clicking on the 'Search' button in the 'Find a Business' tile of the Dashboard.


What can I do in the Directory?

You can search local or international businesses to connect with suppliers, vendors, or potential customers and follow them to keep up to date with their business health metrics.

Our filtering options allow you to find the right businesses quickly and easily. The Markaaz Directory contains businesses outside the US and is growing fast. You can search for any business by adding the location in the Directory's search bar. 


Directory Search


What does it mean to follow businesses?

By following other businesses, you can view their key business attributes or health metrics. Soon you will be able to set alerts and notifications on any followed businesses when there is any change or information update.


How do I monitor/follow businesses?

Markaaz Premium Members can use the Directory to find and follow other businesses. From the Directory, flip the Follow switch once you have found a business to follow. That company will be displayed in the 'Followed Business' section within the 'Claimed Business' area of your settings. 


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How will the alerts & notifications work?

We are currently working on features to allow you to set up alerts and notifications for followed businesses. We want to ensure we only alert you if something important happens to your business or a business you are following.


Is there a limited number of businesses I can follow?

There is currently no limit, so you can follow as many businesses as you like. Whether you are just interested in how they are doing, want to partner with them, or currently work with them, the Markaaz Dashboard makes it easy to stay connected.