Claim Your Business

Claiming your business on the Markaaz Dashboard

Why should I claim my business on the Markaaz Dashboard?

Claiming your business on the Markaaz Dashboard allows you to update your publicly visible business information. Correcting and updating your business information on our platform gives you the best way to access and get approved for the services you need when you need them.

With corrected business information, you can be onboarded faster and at better rates with your chosen small business financing partners.

You are finally in control of your business information and your business's future.


How can I claim my business?

  • Search your business in the Directory, and once you find it, you can select 'Claim Your Business.'
  • Next, you will be prompted to fill in any business or location details not populated and enter your name and work phone number.
  • After submitting your business for verification, Markaaz will attempt to verify a genuine association between the requestor and the business.
  • Upon a successful claim, the member can update the business profile to include further contact details.



Once I claim my business, will other businesses be able to find me using the Directory?

Yes! The Markaaz Dashboard is not only a solution for small businesses to run their business more efficiently, but it is also a business community. Claiming your business will allow you to be seen in the best possible light by other businesses who can search for you using the Directory. 


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Business Profile