Our Data Methodology

Learn how Markaaz collects and protects business information

Markaaz collects global data on virtually every business in the world. We collect information from premium sources (such as Equifax), public sources (e.g., Secretary of State and local registrars), and data provided by users and business owners.

Using Markaaz's proprietary matching and data aggregation processes, we create a comprehensive dossier of a company's ownership profile, operations, global locations, principals, overall financial viability, and presence within public records & compliance profiles.

Every claimed Markaaz Dashboard business has undergone Know Your Customer and Know Your Business identity verification checks.  


Industry-leading security

Your information security is our highest priority. Our team has built and designed industry-leading security systems for some of the largest Fortune 500 organizations.

We are SOC 2 Type II certified, one of the highest security certificates based on five trust service principles: security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy.  

Reach out to operations@markaaz.com or visit https://markaaz.com/security/ to find out more.