Managing your business information

How to manage your business information in the Markaaz Directory

How do I update information for my claimed business?

To update your claimed business's information, navigate to the 'Correct Your Data' tab in the top right corner of the Dashboard. You can modify your business information from this section and add information on the key people and beneficial owners.


Update Business Information


What if my business is claimed already?

Please reach out to with your request. We will work with you to obtain the necessary information to evaluate and resolve the situation.


What is a Business Credit Risk Score™?

The Business Credit Risk Score™ powered by Equifax offers reliable insight into the general creditworthiness of a company. It predicts the likelihood of a business becoming severely delinquent (91+ days past due, charged off, or bankrupt) on a non-financial account over the next 12 months. Companies are assigned a value ranging from 103 to 600, with high values indicating lower chances of severe delinquency. The score empowers you to make intelligent, efficient decisions for your business by answering critical management questions.

What is a Business Credit Risk Class?

It is a score that ranges from 1 (least risk) – 5 (most risk); '0' indicates a bankruptcy on file. Additionally, it predicts the likelihood of a business becoming severely delinquent in payments (90 days or greater) or a risk of a charge-off within the next 12 months. The severe delinquency rate in the highest Risk Class, 5, is over four times that of the US average and over 100 times the delinquency rate of Risk Class 1, the lowest risk group.


What is a Business Credit Score?

Business Credit Scores predict the likelihood your business will pay its bills. A higher score indicates that your business is more likely to pay bills or debts on time.

Business Credit Scores can be used to:

  • Get your business approved by creditors and lenders for financing and credit.
  • Determine the amount of financing, rates, and payment terms your business is eligible for.