Business Health Data

Descriptions for all the business health metrics

Field Name  Description
bankruptcy Indicates that a business has had a bankruptcy in their current or past history - ‘Y’ if bankruptcy identified, ‘null’ (no value) if it isn’t.
markaazFailureRiskScore The Markaaz Failure Risk Score is a prediction of the likelihood of a business ceasing operations with a loss to creditors within a 12‐month period. Businesses are assigned a risk rating ranging from 1 to 9, with a zero indicating bankruptcy. A high rating indicates a high likelihood of business failure, and a low rating indicates lower chances of business failure. 
markaazCreditRiskScore The Markaaz Credit Risk score measures the risk of a business becoming severely delinquent within a 12-month period. Businesses are assigned a value ranging from 103 to 600, with high values indicating lower chances of severe delinquency. A score of zero indicates bankruptcy on file. Values which are greater than 500 are considered to be good values for credit risk score. 
markaazGlobalCreditRiskScore This is the global data normalization of a credit risk score.