Company Overview Data

Descriptions of all company overview and company information data fields

Field Name 


Markaaz (Object Expands) 



Markaaz primary company identifier that is unique to each entity and used to identify match responses when conducting repeat lookups 


The Markaaz Match Confidence Threshold is an analysis of the match confidence level on a 10 to 1 scale. Match Confidence is strongest at 10 (representing a very high level of the match on all data elements present) and weakest at 1 (representing a match on Name only). The recommended default value is 8.4. If the value set is not equal to that then an admin can edit the threshold


ID that ties a search transaction back to the relevant API request and response information 


Unique partner entity ID that is given to each company using Business Lookup 


Field Name  Description 
bizInfo Company Information: 
dba Doing Business As 
legalName Legal/Registered Business Name 
taxId ID Required for Tax Purposes 
nationalId Country Public Unique Identifier 
Addresses (Object Expands)  Addresses (Can Be More Than 1): 
type Registered/Primary/Secondary Address
line1 Address Line 1 
line2 Address Line 2 
locality Locality/City 
region State/Province/Region 
country Country Description 
postalCode Postal/Zip Code 
latitude Address Latitude 
longitude Address Longitude 
geoprecision Latitude/Longitude Precision Code 
businessIndicator Business Indicator 
residentialIndicator Residential Indicator 
sohoIndicator Small Office/Home Office