Compliance Summary Data

Descriptions for all compliance flags options

Field Name  Description
activeSanctions Sanctions are restrictive measures imposed by an international body, multilateral agency, or a national government on a regime, organization, or individual. It is by either European Union, the United Nations, the United States Office of Foreign Assets Control and State Department and Her Majesty’s Treasury in the United Kingdom. 
activeInsolvency Entity that has been declared as bankrupt or insolvent. 
activePoliticallyExposedPersons PEP is any individual that is considered a Politically Exposed Person, from Head of State to Members of Parliament, Members of the Board of State Owned Enterprises or Ambassadors and individuals representing their countries interests abroad. 
activeAdverseMedia Entity that has been reported in global newspapers, news sites or other media as being involved in financial crime. 
activeLawEnforcement Entity or employee that has been named in official documentation from Law Enforcement bodies such as the Police or any other agency such as Interpol or the FBI. Also those individuals and entities cited in Court and legal documents of that nature.