Firmographic Data

Data field descriptions for all firmographic business information

Field Name  Description 
legalStructure Local Corporate Legal Structure 
yearEstablished Year Established 
noOfEmployees Number of Employees (Corporate) 
noOfEmployeesLoc Number of Employees (Location) 
salesVolume Sales Volume (In Thousands) 
salesVolumePrecision Sales Volume Precision (Actual or MDL = Modelled) 
salesVolumeLoc Location Sales Volume (In Thousands) 
salesVolumeLocPrecision Location Sales Volume Precision (Actual or MDL = Modelled) 
primaryNaics Primary NAICS Code 
secondaryNaics1 Secondary NAICS Code #1 
secondaryNaics2 Secondary NAICS Code #2 
secondaryNaics3 Secondary NAICS Code #3 
secondaryNaics4 Secondary NAICS Code #4 
businessSize Business Size (L=Large; S=Small; X=Unknown) 
contact (Object)  Contact: 
website Corporate Website
countryCallingCode Country Telephone Access Code (Primary Address) 
phone Area Code & Phone Number 
fax Area Code & Fax Phone Number 
Officers (Object Expands)  Officers (Can Be More Than 1): 
officerid Officer Unique Identifier 
fullName Full Name of the Officer 
title Title of the Officer, e.g., “Mr” 
position Position Description 
currentStatus Status of the officership (position) as reported by the company register 
PrimaryContact (Object Expands)  Primary Contact: 
fullName Primary Contact Full Name 
titleCode Primary Contact Title Description 
firstName Primary Contact First Name 
lastName Primary Contact Last Name 
email Primary Contact Email 
hasCompanyHierarchy ‘Yes’ if a company hierarchy exists for the given entity, ‘No’ if it doesn’t