Forgot to download the information for a company? Or retrieve the data for a company I’ve already matched?

This explains the avenues to re-access the data for a company you’ve already matched

Repeat Lookup will provide data retrieval for any companies already matched. The user has to know the Markaaz ID from the prior request and select it from the dropdown or enter the value manually. You can also copy/paste a Markaaz ID using the keyboard or mouse.


The five most recent matches found will always be stored in the dropdown menu of the Repeat Lookup section. Only a new lookup that results in a match or a repeat lookup of a company that is not one of the recent searches will change what appears in the dropdown menu.


Remember to always save the Markaaz ID from all your past searches in case you need to lookup that company again. If you don’t remember the Markaaz ID or it is not part of the recent searches, then use the New Lookup tool to pull the data again for the company.