Person-to-Business (P2B) Name Matching Data

Data field descriptions and information returned for the P2B name matching tool

Field Name  Description
matched Match result - “Y” if match found, “N” if no match 
message Description of match results – high confidence, middle confidence or low confidence threshold 
nameMatchRequested Individuals name that a match was requested for 
nameMatched Individual name that the request was matched to 
officerid Officer Unique Identifier 
matchGrade Grades ranging from 0-100 and describes the confidence of the match. Higher grades equates to higher confidence
PrimaryContact (Object Expands)  Company Primary Contact: 
fullName Contact Full Name 
titleCode Contact Title Code 
title Contact Title 
firstName Contact First Name 
lastName lastName
cmail Contact Email Address 
officers (Object Expands)  Company Officers (Can Be More Than 1): 
officerid null  Officer Unique Identifier 
fullName Full Name of the Officer 
title Title of the Officer, e.g., “Mr” 
position Officer Position Description 
currentStatus Status of the officership (position) as reported by the company register