Company Hierarchy Data

Descriptions for all the company hierarchy data fields

Field Name  Description
parentMarkaazId Parent Markaaz company identifier that is unique to each entity and used for Markaaz to tie data back to correct records 
markaazId Markaaz primary company identifier that is unique to each entity and used to identify match responses when conducting repeat lookups 
companyLegalName Legal/Registered Business Name 
contact (Object Expands)  Contact: 
phoneNumber Area Code & Phone Number 
countryCallingCode Country Telephone Access Code (Primary Address) 
website Corporate Website
parentTypeCode 9xxx 

Description for the type of parent company: 

9000 – Subsidiary Parent (Immediate) 

9001 – Domestic Parent 

9002 – Global Parent 

9003 – Affiliate Global Parent 

Reference the “Downloading Data” section for more details 

companyName Business Name 
Addresses (Object Expands)  Addresses (Can Be More Than 1): 
type Registered/Primary/Secondary Address 
line1 Address Line 1 
line2 Address Line 2 
locality Locality/City 
region State/Province/Region 
regionAbbreviation State/Province/Region Abbreviation 
country Country Description 
postalCode Postal/Zip Code