How to get started

Get up and running on the Markaaz platform with our guide!

I just signed up for a Markaaz account. Now what?

You are now in charge of your own business information! We gather the publicly available information that is out there about your business and put it in one spot so that you can manage, correct and update that information to access deals and services on our platform. Find your business listed on our database, claim your business, update your business information, and get the services you need.


How do I claim my business?

Once you have created your Markaaz account, head to the main Dashboard homepage and select 'Claim Your Business.'  


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You will be directed to our Directory, where you enter your business name, city, and state to pull up businesses in your area that match those details.

Find your business listing and hit the 'Claim Your Business' button. You can then update your business's summary information and hit the 'Submit for Verification' button.

Keep an eye on your email! We'll confirm your request and let you know if we need anything else. Once your business ownership is verified, we'll send you a confirmation email.


How do I know that I have claimed my business successfully?  

You will receive an email letting you know what is happening at every stage of the process! Once approved, your business will be shown at the top of your Dashboard when you log in. This process usually takes up to a business day. However, if you have yet to receive a confirmation email after two business days, please reach out to, and we'll help. (Or check your spam folder 😜)


What’s next? 

After successfully claiming your business, you can: